How Being Naive Can Lead You To Earn Millions

When top earners are asked how they became so successful they always talk about working hard, focusing, blocking out negativity, & personal development. All of those are major components in most, if not all major success stories. However, my belief is that one of the biggest things an individual must encompass in order to achieve massive success in changing the game is having an enormous amount of naivety.

Let’s be real for a second. How does it make any logical sense that a group of young people with no real life business experience can take a company from under $100M to over $200M in a blink of an eye and then in their first month in a new venture create some of the craziest success stories in the industry? I’ll tell you how, because we were naive enough to believe it was possible. This is a pure example of extreme naivety.

We live in a world where normalcy is widely accepted & if you’re ever thinking or dreaming too big, a lot of people will shoot you down & tell you that your dreams are not realistic or possible. Here’s the good news. You don’t need anyone’s approval for your dreams and goals because they’re yours, not theirs. They aren’t your teachers, grandparents, or spouses dreams, they’re your dreams! Looking back on my short career it has been my extreme naivety that has given me the belief, posture, conviction, & courage to go out in the marketplace & stand up for what I believe in & help create something that has never done before.

It was the naivety that caused people like Steve Jobs to believe in himself enough that made it possible for him to have complete time and money freedom in his early 20’s. It was naivety that made Josh Noble go from delivering pizzas to speaking on stages in front of 10,000 people. Naivety made it possible for Luke Kish to help a dozen of his friends travel around the world and not worry about money. Naivety was why two college kids from Michigan State, Luke Hessler & Jamie Chirio started a revolution in the Midwest & ended up touring Europe building a global business. I could give example after example of how naivety was the starting point for incredible success stories.

When you go against the grain, the crowd, the masses.. people will try and bring you down, stop you, & hate. Get naive enough to think its possibile to live your dream, to make it happen, to live the life you dream of. Ladies and gentleman you have greatness within you screaming and yelling to get out! Let it out! Go after your goals and dreams!

You don’t need realistic, probable, normal, safe, or secure. All I ever wanted or needed was a shot, a chance, a possibility. Steve Jobs, The Wright Brothers, Edison, Einstein, Zuckerberg, Dr Dre/Diddy/JayZ, Obama, MLK, Alexander The Great, ALL had NAIVETY.. & that lead them all to GREATNESS.


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