#CoffeeBreak: 4 Valuable Lessons Most People Miss In Network Marketing

I think a lot of people truly miss the mark when it comes to the real lessons that network marketing provides. We know that a lot of people who joined a network marketing company, joined for the money-making potential it has. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s just that if that’s your sole motivation, then you’ll wind up very disappointed. It’s not as easy as some of your uplines will have you believe.

But does that mean that network marketing is pointless and a scam? Absolutely not! Because what you’ll learn in just a few months of working on your network marketing business, is the equivalent of 5 years of experience building your very own traditional business from scratch. In other words, the lessons you learned and the experience you gained while building your networking marketing business is literally worth MILLIONS. Here are the 4 Million Dollar Lessons I’ve learned over the years of building, failing, and building multiple network marketing businesses that anyone can apply when building a traditional business.

Gaining Interest– The first step taught to many who’s just beginning their network marketing business is the “invite”. Through this, you’ll learn how to get enough people interested to even hear what you have to present. You’ll go through a number of people learning that not everyone is open to even listen to what you have to say. So you’ll hear a lot of “no’s” coming out of the gate. That’s perfect. It’ll give you “tough skin” along the way and teach you how to invite properly. Which the company might teach you anyway.

Business Proposals (Presentations)– The main way to build a successful network marketing business is to give business presentations. Naturally, the company will already have a tried and tested presentation made for you. All you have to do is present it to a full or half full room of people. Enough presentations like these over the span of one month can significantly help you build confidence and even leadership skills needed to build a traditional business. Over time, you’ll get more sign ups because your skills improved in the art of persuasion. As a result, you’ll get more customers, clients, and even team members.

Team Building– In network marketing, you won’t reach the top by yourself. You’ll need a team to help get you there. No exception. You’ll learn how to work with other people and build a giant business. This is a valuable lesson. Again, this is something a company will teach you once you invest and definitely something you’ll perfect over time. I don’t need to tell you how important this is for building a traditional business do I?

Million Dollar System– Usually, there are investment packages that people must invest before they can even be a part of your team in network marketing. So don’t expect a lot of people to join you right away. That’s fine. This is training with weights on and will yield benefits later on! Think about it: if people join you with an investment package of $699 and higher, guess what you’ll be able to do when you build a traditional business and your services may cost the same amount or higher for a client or customer? Your wealth will SKYROCKET.

For example, in network marketing, people may invest $699 to join the business. You’ll get a small commission called a “sponsor bonus” or “referral bonus” as a result. Probably something like $70- $100 per person who you sign up personally. So if you signed up 14 people in 14 days, you made roughly $980- $1,400 in two weeks. Then, depending on the company you’re with and your current rank, you’ll get a smaller amount of profit from those who signed up people within your team. Not bad. Now let’s use the first level of that system for your traditional business instead. After the business proposal (presentation), your prospect wants to invest in your services. Let’s say your services cost $699. Guess what? You get 100% of that investment and you landed a new client using skills you’ve gained through network marketing!

Now imagine that you acquired 14 clients in 14 days. That’s $9,786 in two weeks! Outstanding! Even better, if you had a team also getting clients for your traditional business, you’ll be able to pay them a small commission on each client they get and you receive most of it. INSANE!!! What if all those clients are paying you that much or a little less monthly? In 12 months, assuming you stopped at just 14 clients or customers, you will profit $117,432! I’ve known people who recruited much more than that in their companies and if they were getting the full amount of the investment, they would be billionaires by now!

This is the power of the lessons learned in network marketing. Most will see network marketing as a scam. Successful people will see it as a school for entrepreneurs! Overall, the lessons I’ve learned over the years from a small investment of $699 is easily worth $30,000 – $100,000! Do I recommend that people give network marketing a shot? YES, YES, YES!!!! You won’t get this kind of experience anywhere else. If people can go to college for 2-4 years, put themselves thousands of dollars in debt in student loans, and graduate with no guarantee of finding work, they can do this.

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