#CoffeeBreak: Have You Missed Your Golden Opportunity?

What is opportunity? Many would argue that opportunity is that golden moment when you are in the right place at the right time within the right situation. However, very rarely will opportunity show itself in such a manner. Most times, opportunity is that time when your boss told you to clean the toilets in the CEO washroom or that one time you got stuck doing the jobs that nobody else wanted to do. Or maybe your friend is doing well in his life and he offers you opportunity to join something big.

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Often times, opportunity is disguised and without the wisdom to take it, it tends to reveal itself, golden and all, in a later time when the opportunity itself is no longer within your reach. This happened when Mark Zuckerberg invited five of his friends to see what he was working on and be a part of it. Nobody knew that Facebook would grow into the titan it is today.  Only two people showed up to that dorm room that night to seize an opportunity that would make them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

At first, it was disguised as something small. This is what three of Mark’s friends perceived it as at first. However, now the opportunity has long passed them by and their lifestyles would forever remain the same. As for the two that showed up, they can live the rest of their lives as billionaires. Here is the thing: when such opportunities present themselves, all the information about what it is will be revealed onto you once you decide to take it. To simply put it, legit opportunities work out for those who open their minds to it and decide to capitalize on it.

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Now here is the golden question that everybody wants to know. Where do opportunities come from? 97% of people in America believe that opportunities appear out of thin air. That one must be blessed or kissed by an angel to receive one. But understand that those who believe in gaining anything that way will not see a true opportunity when it reveals itself. No. Opportunities come from other people. Other people who are in a position of strength or enlightenment. Many people turn their noses up to such opportunities in hopes that their “thin air opportunities” will show up. This reminds me of the acronym P.O.O.R that brings most people to the depths of poverty and living without growth. P.O.O.R stands for Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Are you?

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